Some urls for trade/for free

i have secondhand pokemon urls if anyone wants a trade or some for free

I have these urls, now i really want a regular pokemon url without plurals, like if you aren’t going to use it. but ill take other item/name urls or i can just give some of these guys away. Just message me and ill let you know if ill give it up for freee~

i have:

acespec (trade only)

acespecs (will give away)

armorfossil (trade only)

shayminvillage  (from pokemon mystery dungeon) (will give away)

dragonairEX (trade only)

FelinaIvy (Valencia island professor) (will give away)

TAKEN-plumefossil (will give away)

xaccuracy (trade only)

propcase (trade only)

coverfossil (trade only)

icicleBadge (trade only)

UmbreonEX (trade only)

TwoIsland (will give away)

(Im also using the 2 urls Rootfossil and SuperRepel if anyone wants those, but ill only give them up for something good)

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